• Mainly in producing filtration device for CNC machine center. Manufacture and sales TCSM owning brand oil mist collector.
  • Centralized oil mist recycling system arrange and executive.
  • Duplomatic Automation General Agent. Sales and repairingServomotor turret, powered turret and electromechanical turret.
  • SPHOORTI General Agent. Sleas 4 and 5 axis indexing table.
  • Italy Duplomatic turret maintenance, secondhand turret and turret parts sales. Baraffaldi, India Pragati turret repairing.
  • Sales and maintenance for VDI and BMT power tools.
  • Italy Nitty-Gritty FAST PROTECTION VELUM General Agent.


  • 2012.12
    The company was established.
  • 2013.03
    Official operation, initially focused on the maintenance of the turret from Duplomatic. The company is located in Dali District, Taichung, with only 4 parking spaces.
  • 2013.06
    The first CS-900MKI prototype was born.
  • 2013.11
    CS-900MKI was officially announced and displayed with Taichung Machine Tool Factory at Taichung Machine Tool Exhibition.
  • 2014.03
    The company moved to Chaunghua City.
  • 2014.05
    CS-900MKI has alrady been unable to achieve 100% oil-based turning performance (it focused on water-based turning), so the double cabin CS-900MKII oil mist collector for oil-based turning and milling has released.
  • 2014.11
    CS-1200MKIII with 1/2HP, 0.37kw, and 1200m3/h was officially launched. In the meantime, TCSM and Scotti from Italy know each other at TMTS Exhibition.
  • 2015.01
    CS-2000 MKIV (0.75kw, 2000m3/h) and CS-3000 MKV (1.5kw, 3000m3/h), CS full series of double cabin oil mist collector have been devolpoed.
  • 2015.03
    Changhua factory expanded, TCSM trademark registration was born.
  • 2015.06
    CE series: Developing of electrostatic oil mist collector without consumables.
  • 2015.10
    CE series: active single high pressure dust collecting electrode has launched.
  • 2016.01
    TCSM published the first version catalog at Taichung Exhibition.
  • 2016.04
    TCSM and "Teng Yu", our southern agent, exhibited together at Tainan Exhibition.
  • 2016.06
    Made our debut of CE-900, CE-1800, CE-4000, and CE-8000, full series of electrostatic oil mist collector.
  • 2016.07
    TCSM assisted "Chuan Wei Metal Co., Ltd." in installing the central electrostatic project (CE-4000, CE-8000) for their whole plant, which well-known hardware manufacturer in Changhua City.
  • 2016.10
    MECCANICA SCOTTI S.R.L. from Italy officially awarded us as the general agent in Taiwan to sell high-precision thimbles and 5th axis tables.
  • 2016.11
    In TMTS Exhibition: We displayed CS oil mist collector, CE electrostatic oil mist collector, and 5th axis table of Scotti.
  • 2017.03
    Officially attended TIMTOS Exhibition for the first time with MECCANICA SCOTTI S.R.L. The company's website was done, and the oil skimmer was launched.
  • 2017.04
    TCSM went to SCOTTI in Italy to have a on-the-job training.
  • 2017.11
    In Taichung Machine Tool Exhibition: We displayed TCSM central system electrostatic oil mist collector and the chip filter which made in Italy.
  • 2018.01
    The company's website was redesigned, and the video continued to be uploaded.
  • 2018.03
    The factory was expanded and moved to Hemei Town, Changhua County. At the same time, the smokeless chip filter, small oil mist collector, and electrostatic oil mist collector were released simultaneously. The second-generation catalogue was published.
  • 2018.11
    Participated in TMTS Exhibition with the boss of SCOTTI again.
  • 2019.02
    TIMTOS Exhibition was exhibited in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, and we have successively received orders from foreign customers such as South Korea, Vietnam, etc.
  • 2019.05
    Participated in BUTECH Exhibition in Korea.
  • 2019.08
    Participated in PDMex Exhibition in Philippine.
  • 2019.09
    Participated in EMO Hannover Exhibition in Germany.
  • 2019.12
    Officially became the general agent of Duplomatic in Taiwan.
  • 2020.03
    Developing the multi-functional industry 4.0 smart electrostatic oil mist collector.
  • 2020.06
    Applied for and passed the national CITD program. Passed TUV certification of CS series oil mist collector.
  • 2020.09
    TCSM and our northern agent "Easy Cutting Tools Co., LTD" officially became an agent cooperation relationship.
  • 2020.11
    The industry 4.0 smart electrostatic oil mist collector was born.
  • 2021.02
    Pneumatic second-generation chip filter was launched.
  • 2021.06
    Completed the CITD program.
  • 2021.08
    TCSM contracted with Sphoorti in India to become the general agent of Sphoorti in Taiwan for selling the Tool Disc and the Tool Holder.


Passed TUV of CE certification of CS series oil mist collector.

  • High efficient design
  • Low vibration
  • Special filter
  • Flexible installation
  • Low energy consumption

Branding Agency


ITALY DUPLOMATICTaiwan General Agent


ITALY SCOTTITaiwan general agent of high-end indexing table


INDIA SPHOORTIBMT/VDI tool disc and tool holder