• High efficient design
  • Low vibration
  • Special filter
  • Flexible installation
  • Low energy consumption
CS Oil Mist Collector

CS Oil Mist Collector


CS-3000 MKV

CS Oil Mist Collector

  • High efficient design : Patented flow field create large air flow, Centrifugal filter design increase consumables duration.
  • Low vibration : oil mistcollector keep stable after long term operation.
  • Special filter : High-density filter cotton, each cubic millimeter is composed with more than 100 small holes staggered.
  • Flexible installation : Installation depend on actually working space, no need to change processing line.
  • Low energy consumption : Use high-efficiency motors to reduce whole plant power consumption.
Max air pressurePa2305
Intake hole sizemm200
Air flow volumem³/h3000
Noise valuedB79
Flow speedkm/hr138
Motor powerkW1.5
Power frequencyHz50/60
Fan prmRPM2860/3400
Net weightkg78


Products Info

Patented flow design

Patented flow design, make 90% oil mist condensation into liquid oil by physical way.

Collect oil in first recycling tube, other oil mist will arrive filter and collect oil in second recycling tube,in order to maximum oil mist collect and recycling.

TCSM oil mist collector is appropriate for full cover machines

Like CNC lathes, CNC mill machine, CNC tapping machine, EDM,Gear hobbing machine, CNC grinding machine etc.,to filtr and recycle oil mist.

Patented flow design

MKI /MKII series flow field

A Oil mist intake direction

When CNC operating, collect oil mist in high speed fan chamber and make larger oil droplets return by 1st recycling direction.

B Recycling direction 2nd recycling

Air flow could whirl smoothly but small oil droplets isn't. Therefore small oil droplets is return by 2nd recycling direction

3nd recycling: Smallest oil droplets will arrive chamber top and return by 3nd recycling direction.

C Flow outlet direction

Oil mist is filtered by 3 high efficient filters before air flow outlet.

(Class F8:EN779:2012 CLEAN AIR SOLUTION)

CS-900 and larger collector flow design

Patented flow design, let oil mist collect and recycle before filter with smallest motor and maximum air flow, to achieve Maximum oil collection.

CS-900 and larger collector flow design

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